Our story


We’re an enthusiastic young couple (Joe & Dara), who are into our sports and like coming up with new ways to make food interesting. We don’t just sell our Recharge Smoothies; we have them as part of our sports training too.

We started making fruit and vegetable smoothies to support our own sports training and healthier diets. This inevitably led us down the route of becoming more conscious of what we were consuming...


These are great for…

People on the go

Ideal for people who are time precious and rush around in the mornings, but want a healthy start to their day. Make a quick Pure Recharge blend for breakfast or as a snack to give you that all natural boost.

Active lifestyles

Great for people who do sports regularly and realise the importance of good nutrition. Pure Recharge Smoothie mixes are a good source of energy to help support you through your workout.

Healthy and balanced lifestyles

For people who are conscious of what they eat, these products are a great addition to your lifestyle. The 100% natural ingredients bring you closer to your food and energy source.

Speciality diets

A pleasant option for people who have special diets, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free. Pure Recharge Smoothie mixes are designed with these diets in mind.

What other people say

"Had the Coco Banana before my Brazilian Ju Jitsu class this morning at 7:30am. It fuelled me well! I even did a gym session after the class. Great stuff!"

David Lee, Head Coach at Team Crossface

"Heard all the hype, wasn't a believer despite how everyone was raving on. Blended the cocoa banana packet with my morning protein and it tasted amazing and I felt great after. Really really good stuff."

Chris Brydon, Martial Artist

"Having been using their products occasionally for a few months now we have really felt great benefits from them. They are perfect for giving you long lasting energy, no hunger for hours..."

Danielle Lucs, Windsurfing Instructor