Acai bowl

Kept secret for 100's of years, these dinky açai berries known as 'purple gold' have finally found their way out of the Brazilian Rainforest and into our delicious Açaí bowls.

Our Açai Bowls 

Each little berry is packed full of antioxidants, fibre and are a great source of calcium and Omega3, just like our pouches we've crammed even more fruity goodness into this yummy treat.

Our açai comes already blended with fruits and is ready to eat. Got the time to do it justice? Let it chill, out of the freezer, then slice and dice your fave fruit to arrange on top with a sprinkle of granola for a snap worthy bowl to grace any feed. 


We are always working looking for additional events, BJJ clubs, restaurants, and wholefood shops. For now, it is available from:

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