Veganuary 2021 - Product Reviews

Veganuary 2021 - Product Reviews

We believe it’s important to support small businesses! So this Veganuary we went in search of good treats and have a little review below of some of our favourites...


Eli’s Granola

Pure Recharge Acai bowl with Eli's Granola

We created an Açai bowl with Chocolate Chip Quinoa Granola from @elisgranola. The combination was amazing! 😋

Immediately just by looking at the ingredients of Eli’s Granola, I was excited to try it because to wasn’t an overly complex mixture of ingredients. The cacao powder gives it a lovely colour and the dark chocolate chips are a wonderful touch. I’ve not had Quinoa in granola before, but it works really well. 

The thing that stands out the most about this granola is that it’s not overly sweet, it’s just right. A lot of the commercially available ones I’ve tried are very sweet. Also, you can taste every ingredient. It’s clearly a high quality product that has been made with care attention and a personal touch. I’m more than happy to say it’s one of the best granola’s I’ve ever tried and definitely the best I’ve had in the UK. 


Loro Crisps: Plantain Chips from Colombia

Pure Recharge night in with Loro Crisps

We had the pleasure of trying Loro Crisps. They are "on a mission to share Colombia’s favourite crisps – plantain crisps". I (Dara) have grown up eating plantains, fried, boiled, baked etc but this was the first time I’ve tried them as crisps. Not only are they delicious and bursting with flavour, they’re also lovely and thin. A perfect light snack. There are 4 delicious flavours to choose from. I’d say my favourite is the Urban Sunshine, but I’ve just ordered myself some more, you know, so I can be doubly sure 😜  


Plant Pops

Pure Recharge Veganuary snack - Plant Pops

These are absolutely delightful! Not only are they super yummy, they are also a great healthy option and brilliant alternative to popcorn! They really are “Deliciously Different Snacks”. 😋

Our little boy can be very picky and fickle when it comes to snacks, but he really loves these! We first tried them 2 weeks ago and since then, he’s always asking for “Pops!”. We just need to get hold of bigger bags! 🤩 


Boost Your Bowl

Pure Recharge smoothie bowl with Boost Your Bowl toppings

Made a Coco Banana smoothie bowl with delicious Chocolate Chunk Toppers from @eatboostyourbowl. It added a lovely texture and would also be a great addition to porridge or yoghurt! We can highly recommend giving them a try! 😋💚

BoostYourBowl make “A range of sweet sprinkle Toppers and Porridge Blends, created from whole dates chopped and blended with coconut, seeds, spices and other nutritious ingredients.” 

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Smoothie tip: Fresh is not always the answer!

Smoothie tip: Fresh is not always the answer!

Our new unit 🌟

Our new unit 🌟

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We're growing our team


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