Our Story

Who we are

We are Pure Recharge, a husband and wife team dedicated to delivering flavour in a natural, nutritious way whether it's a breakfast smoothie or a decadent dessert.

Our passion has always been creating meals from scratch, seeing the natural healthy ingredients come together to create something yummy. Spurred on by our active lifestyles and hectic day jobs we wanted a natural, healthy and simple way to get the same results but in a fraction of the time – that was the origins of our dinky smoothie pouches which have become the core of our business.

Pure Recharge - Ingredients

Pure Recharge - great ingredients


In recent years we've seen our company (and our family!) grow and take over our home inevitably spilling out into our new purpose built kitchen and expanding into our own event stand. We've toured the country attending events and partnering with some of the greatest athletes and professional sporting companies in the UK. It was at these events we saw the popularity of our smoothie bowls grow and delighted in how our customers faces lit up when presented with these flavoursome works of art.

Recipe Wizard

The man behind the flavour is Joe our Recipe Wizard, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) enthusiast. It was at a local BJJ class Joe first tasted Açai and was instantly hooked – the berry just exploded with flavour and slotted right into the Pure Recharge offering as a super berry that packed a punch.

While we loved adding it to our smoothies and experimenting with our new little friend we found that, while stocked as a berry, there wasn't a pre-blended option readily available. Enter Joe and his blending wizardry! It was the creation, and perfection, of the decadent, creamy Açai sorbet and the reaction we received from our customers that launched Pure Recharge into the dessert arena – Velvety Smooth Açai was born.

Pure Recharge - Joe Hodgkinson

Pure Recharge - Dara Hodgkinson

Head of Operations

Sounds simple? That's where Dara – Head of Operations and digital guru – really excels. Powering everything from the website to the packaging and production she's the engine behind the machine who took this simple idea and put it through it's paces.

Want to know more about us, our partners or how you can become part of the Pure Recharge story? Get in touch – we're a lovely bunch.