Our Story

Pure Recharge is a small business that prides itself on providing you with a healthy, natural and convenient food choice.

Who we are

Pure Recharge - Who we are

We’re an enthusiastic young couple (Joe & Dara), who are into our sports and like coming up with new ways to make food interesting. We don’t just sell our Recharge Smoothies; we have them as part of our sports training too. 

We work with some great athletes and companies who also love our smoothies. We believe the smoothies speak for themselves, so we only work with people who use mixes as part of their own sports training.

How it all started...

Pure Recharge - How it started

We started making fruit and vegetable smoothies to support our own sports training and healthier diets. This inevitably led us down the route of becoming more conscious of what we were consuming. We started with good, natural ingredients that needed minimal processing and from there were able to understand what was in our meals rather than simply calorie counting.

Once we began to feel the difference our new healthier eating habits had on us, we gained a new appreciation for the nutrition our bodies needed. We like smoothies because they encourage the use of raw fruit, veg and leafy greens while maintaining fibre and can be enhanced with grains, nuts and other nutrient dense foods.

Pure Recharge on the road

Pure Recharge - On the road

Once we started looking into catering for various sports events we found that most food being served didn’t meet the requirements of people on moderately good diets. We felt we could provide something better, so began to serve healthy, home cooked food and smoothies with premium fresh ingredients.

The events were a good way to spread the word and get people tasting our great smoothies, however, the demand for people to conveniently make them at home grew.

Our achievements

Pure Recharge - Our achievements

We’ve created the Pure Recharge Smoothie mix, a mixture of natural slow-release, high-energy foods and natural superfood supplements. Each pouch is a great way to start your day, support you through your workout and can also be made into a great post-workout smoothie.

However, we’re not stopping there! We continue to look into other natural superfoods that can help you through your day in many other ways.