Your delivery questions answered

What if I‘m not home to receive my order?
You don’t need to be in to receive your order, and we’ll make sure it’s left in a safe place. The dry ice will keep your order cool for up to 30 hours - although we don’t recommend you leave it that long. Your parcel will be delivered between 9am and 6pm by DHL, or 9am to 4pm by APC. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a text from the courier giving you an approximate time slot.

How do you keep the Açai Sorbet frozen?
We pack every order in dry ice which will keep the sorbet frozen for up to 30 hours in an unopened box.

Where do you deliver to?
We only deliver to the UK mainland currently, but we're hoping to deliver to the rest of the UK as soon as we possibly can. If you’ve got a query about delivery locations, please email us at

Why is your Açai Sorbet a little more expensive on your website than in the shops?
There’s so much more to delivering sorbet than there is for regular deliveries. The cost of dry ice and special packaging adds quite a bit to usual courier prices. But we’ve tried our best to keep delivery as affordable as possible.

How do you deliver the Açai?
The sorbet is delivered in an insulated container with dry ice, which is packed within an envelope. Dry ice is just frozen Carbon Dioxide compacted into a brick, that evaporates over time.

Do I need to be careful with the dry ice?

Dry ice is very cold, at around -80 degrees, so we recommend you’re careful when getting your sorbet out. Try not to touch the dry ice directly, as it can cause ice burn.

How should I dispose of the dry ice and packaging?
There’s likely be some dry ice left in the envelope in the box when you open it, so remove the sorbet and pop it into your freezer. Then leave the remaining dry ice to evaporate in a well-vented area before disposing of both the envelop and the box.

Do you accept cash on delivery?
No, we don’t accept cash. But we do accept all major credit and debit cards when you order on our website, prior to delivery.

Is shopping on secure?
We use Shopify to run our shop. It’s one of the world’s leading, fully secure, GDPR-compliant online ordering and credit card processing sites. So, you’re in safe hands.

There’s a problem with my delivery
We’re really sorry if you’ve experienced a problem with your delivery - it’s totally our responsibility to get our sorbet to you. If your Açai Sorbet doesn’t arrive in the condition you were expecting, or it’s not frozen, please send us a photo and dispose of the thawed sorbet. We’ll send you a replacement delivery straight away.

If you can’t find the answer you need above, please email us at We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.


Pure Recharge Açai Sorbet: ingredients and allergens

Why does your Açai Sorbet say ‘may contain nuts’?
Our Açai Sorbet isn’t made with nuts, but because we make it in the same place we make our smoothie mixes, we have to put that on our labels. We take extra special care, and clean all surfaces and tools between each use, but we’re legally required to include that allergy warning.

Is the Açai Sorbet gluten free? 

Yes, in fact none of our products at Pure Recharge contain gluten.

Do any of your products contain palm oil?
We’re proud to say that all Pure Recharge products are 100% palm oil-free.